District 202 state academic achievement up, fiscal keys solid

District 202 students’ scores continued to rise and exceed state average scores in nearly every category on the spring 2017 state standardized assessments.

Likewise, District 202 posted record-high results on several other major achievement indicators and solid financial performance, according to the 2017 state report card.

Dr. Glenn Wood, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction, shared this year’s state report card data at the District 202 Board of Education’s November 6, 2017 regular meeting.

“Once again we are proud to say that our students, led by our teachers showed improvement on most of the state measures of academic performance,” Wood said.

“While we are very proud, we are not entirely surprised by these results. We expect continued improvement as our students continue to become more familiar with the state’s expectations and the new assessments,” Wood said.

State report cards for all District 202 schools (except for the Bonnie McBeth Learning Center and Plainfield Academy which are not assesses) are posted on the District 202 website under “Our District/District Report Cards”.

The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) was given last spring to all 3-8th graders and high school students in certain courses. The PARCC measures students’ progress in meeting the Common Core learning standards for English Language Arts (ELA) and math.

The PARCC replaced the Illinois Standards Achievement Test (ISAT) and Prairie State Achievement Exam (PSAE) two years ago. Last spring was the second full administration of PARCC.

The ISAT and PSAE measured student progress on the old state learning standards as part of the federal No Child Left Behind Act. The PARCC measures students’ progress on new state learning standards.

As well, all high school juniors now take the SAT college entrance exam as the sole state assessment for high school students. Juniors previously took the ACT as a component of a larger state high school exam which also included state-derived test questions.


Overall, about 43 percent of all District 202 3rd-8th graders met all state learning standards, up from 41 percent last year. The state average this year is 34 percent.

Likewise, about 47 percent of District 202 students met or exceeded state English Language Arts expectations, up from 44 percent last year. The state average this year is 37 percent.

As well, 40 percent of district students met or exceeded state math standards, up from 39 percent last year. The state average this year is 32 percent.


Graduating 2017 District 202 seniors posted record-high scores on the ACT college entrance exam last spring – higher than the national average in all subjects.

Graduating seniors earned a composite score of 22.4 compared to 21.2 last year, and this year’s state composite of 21.2.


All Illinois high school juniors must now take the SAT college entrance exam as the state’s high school standardized assessment.

The spring 2017 statewide administration of the SAT set a new baseline for high school student achievement.

Overall, the Class of 2018 posted a SAT composite of 1036.4 versus a state average composite of 1015.9.

As well, 41.6 percent of 11th-grade students achieved proficiency in English language arts compared to 39.8 percent statewide; and 41.4 percent achieved proficiency in math compared to 36.4 percent statewide.


District 202 saw yet another record year for student participation and achievement in the Advanced Placement program.

A record-high 376 District 202 high school graduates and current students were named 2017 AP Scholars based on their performance on the Advanced Placement exams given during the 2016-2017 school year. That far exceeded last year’s 302 AP Scholars, which was also a record.


  • 95.2 Percent of District 202 freshmen are on track to graduate, versus the state average of 87.1 percent.
  • The four-year graduation rate rose to 95 percent, versus the state average of 87 percent.
  • 61.4 percent of District 202 students are ready for college coursework, compared to the state average of 50.5 percent.
  • 80.2 percent of District 202 gradates enroll in college, compared to 73.2 percent statewide.


  • For the fourth straight year, District 202’s teacher retention rate (88.1 percent) exceeded the state average (86.3 percent.)
  • District 202’s 2015-2016 Operating Expenditures per pupil were $9,794 compared to the state of Illinois at $12,973
  • The average teacher salary, $57,651, is lower than the state average of $64,516
  • The average administrator salary, $94,344, is lower than state average of $106,273.